C Daniel Harry Specializes in the Following Legal Areas:

Vehicle Accident

Handling of a claim of injuries arising out of a collision with one or more motor vehicles.

Construction Litigation

A lawsuit involving the building of a structure or real estate.


Involves the recover of money either on behalf of a party or in defense of claims on behalf of a party.

Estate Planning

Preparation of documents including Durable Power of Attorney, Power of Attorney for Health Care, Wills, Trusts.

Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing homes have a duty to provide appropriated care and may be liable for breaching one or more of those duties to supervise medical care.

Business Transactions

Includes the buying and selling or goods, services, stock, business, anything involving commerce.

Bankruptcy Litigation

Handling of lawsuits arising out of bankruptcy including representation of trustees, debtors, and creditors in a bankruptcy and claims involving bankruptcy fraud, exceptions to discharge and defense of those lawsuits.

Real Estate Litigation

The handling of lawsuits arising out of the purchase, sale and all manner of management and operation of real property whether commercial or residential land and buildings.

Business Litigation

Typically involves the myriad types of contract and business tort claims as Plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit. Dan has substantial experience in the various contract claims including those with customers, employees and various types of transactions.

Business Formation

Business Formation and disputes involving Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships, Non-Profit Companies and establishing a lawful entity under which a for profit and non-profit companies can operate under state law and the Internal Revenue Code. Dan has also established a subspeciality.

Dog Bite Claims

May be sued upon under Michigan statute or judge-made (common law) law. Under the statute the injured person must prove that he/she did not provoke the dog into an attack. Under common law (Plaintiff must prove that the owner of the dog knew of should have known the dog had a propensity to be  vicious.

Probate Litigation

Handling of lawsuits in the Probate Court on behalf of personal representatives, conservators, guardians beneficiaries, protected persons, or opposing parties involved including will contests, recovery of assets for an estate, or claims arising out of will contests, will or trust administration and defense of those lawsuits.


Mediation and Facilitation are informal proceedings conducted to resolve a legal dispute instead of handling the matter in court. Facilitative mediation involves the use of and individual who helps the parties talk through the case. The facts are brought out and an effort is made to compromise and settle.

Secured Transactions

Generally a secured transaction is a tool available to a lender or a borrower to grant security in favor of the lender to make a load to a borrower. A secured transaction involves the existence of a debt and a lien against either real or personal property. Often the debt and the lien are created simultaneously such as when a vehicle is purchased under terms of credit or obtaining a mortgage to purchase a home. A secured transaction can also be created with property which is not being purchased, but may already be owned by the borrower. Generally a secured transaction is a tool available to a lender or a borrower to grant security in favor of the lender to make a loan to a borrower.